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New Model Opening Spring 2016
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Live Healthier in a Home Built by Steven Henell Inc.

Are you showing any signs of the common cold?

Adults and children tend to be more susceptible to the common cold in the fall and winter months. Cold causing viruses enter the body through the eyes, nose, or mouth. The cold can be spread by simply breathing in the air around you. Now, cold prevention can start right in your own home. Using an air purifier in your home can aid in the prevention of the common cold. With that being said, Steven A. Henell, Inc., has taken the art of Healthy Green Living into his every day building. Steve uses the Carrier Infinity Series Air Purifier in all of his homes. This air purifier not only filters the air in your home, its technology captures and kills airborne pathogens, such as the virus that causes the common cold. The air you breath in your home will be cleaner; as this system re-purifies the air in your home not only once, but as many as eight times in one hour. Our model at 316 Bald Eagle Drive is equipped with the Carrier Infinity Series Air Purifier. Come check us out!


Steven A. Henell, Inc is a Marco Island-based custom home builder and remodeler.

We are a State Certified General Contractor in business since 1986. Our Residential and Commercial building capabilities are extensive and state of the art. We offer design and build services as well as competitive bids. NEW MODEL HOME OPENING SPRING 2016