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New Model Opening Spring 2016
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Outdoor Living

One of the many reasons people relocate to Florida is for our outdoor living. Our weather allows for year round outdoor activities. Having an outdoor entertaining area is a must when looking for a home.

Our desirable weather makes for frequent barbeques at all times of the year. We have come up with 5 must-haves for your outdoor kitchen. Built-in Grill The key to an outdoor entertaining area is a grill. Not just a free standing grill, a built in grill. How you fuel your grill is also important. Having your grill hooked up to a gas line is very practical versus having a removable cylinder that has to be refilled frequently. A homeowner should also think about the placement of the grill. Place the grill so the cook isn’t in isolation from the crowd. Light On occasion you might use your grill after the sun has gone down. In this case you will need effective lighting; candle light just won’t cut it. The cook needs to see what he is cooking and the guests more than likely are going to want to know what they are eating. Storage and Counter Space Storage and counter space is equally as important. You will want an area to prep the food and store necessary items such as plates and utensils. With storage and counter space you will eliminate the number of trips you have to make back to your indoor kitchen. Plumbing Don’t forget the plumbing! You will want to be able to wash your hands without having to run inside to do so. You may even want to rinse your plates. With and outdoor kitchen that has plumbing this is possible. Dining Area Where will your guests sit? You will want an area to dine not far from the kitchen area. Make sure your outdoor area flows well and doesn’t seem broken up. When building homes, Steven A. Henell, Inc takes all of the above into consideration. Stop by our Model center at 316 Bald Eagle Drive. Check out our outdoor entertaining area. If you build with us the outdoor kitchen is a standard feature of the home.


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