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New Model Opening Spring 2016
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Energy Efficient Green Building

Building an energy efficient home in Florida can save you thousands of dollars.

Steven A. Henell, Inc. understands how to build "green" and strives to make every project as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. There is no project too small to think about in a green way. From the simplest upgrades like interior painting to larger projects around the home green adds quality and value to your house.

Not only will your home be more efficient it will have less impact on the environment. Florida has a very fragile eco system and every day new energy laws are going into effect. We keep up with all the requirements allowing our customers peace of mind.

Interesting Facts

  1. We spend an average of 90% of our time indoors.
  2. Integrating a homes systems during design can reduce it's energy consumption by 50%.
  3. Green Building is the future of all building.

Green Building Coalition